People from New Guinea are probably the oldest human society in the world, however until mid XX century they were living almost like they did 2.000 years ago. How is that possible?
Geography project, reflects around this problematic and other aspects of our history, questioning our relation with the environment and between ourselves, us, as different beings and unique individualities all across the globe.

Since his birth, responding to all demands and forces imposed by nature, man found a way to  survive and created technology. From that point he surpassed the difficulties and gained prosperity. And here we are, on the hall of the XXI century, surrounded by iPads, iPhones and tons of gadgets, all to make our lives a moment of pleasure. Nevertheless, in any condition, what prevails in terms of gain and evolution, prevails because it’s geographically possible and it’s in accordance with the rules imposed by the local geography. Geography is rain, is wind, is dry weather is all that is around us, is land, fertile or not, populated or not, friendly or not. Geography is with us since ever and will keep like this until the last man on earth leaves.

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