MIHA CIGLAR: Virtual Sources

Virtual Sources is a musical composition that deals with the use of directional sound in live performance. Directional speakers radiate a beam of sound in one direction only. The speakers are used indirectly so the sound is heard only through reflections – by letting the sound bounce of walls, ceiling or any other surfaces before it is heard. When the sound is projected through dynamic or moving speakers with focus, some very unusual acoustic effects are created. The reflections of dynamic sound beams, seem as virtual source of sound moving all over the walls and ceiling. Directional sound, within the context of electro-acoustic composition, enables the exploration of new spatial-acoustic dimensions and the creation of dynamic and virtual fields of sound. The co-producers of the project are the Institute for Sonic Arts Research (IRZU) and the start-up company Ultrasonic audio technologies, which has been developing the technology of directional sound system for many years.