Lumokinese is a kinetic light installation that mixes colored shadows in its architectural context.

With Lumokinese Willem Marijs (1947) and Mike Rijnierse (1974)  transform the space into an aimation machine. The placement of moving objects with respect to colored light sources (red, green, and blue) provides a dynamic shadowplay. Lumokinese is a versatile opto-acoustic installation, which excels in simplicity. This work goes back to the optical instruments and appliances as the Laterna magica, kaleidoscopes and the zoetrope that are considered as precursors of the film, television and digital media. The Makers are not guided by nostalgia, their interest is in doubt the current image production and visual examination, since devices and instruments of today no longer show their process and therefore are ‘black boxes’. By showing the process of light, color, source and shadow, Mike Rijnierse and Willem Marijs illustrate with Lumokinese how illusion and vision are intertwined. With Lumokinese Willem Marijs and Mike Rijnierse won the BNG Workspace Project Prize (2008).

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