Italian drummer, percussionist, composer, improviser and sound artist Riccardo La Foresta is one of the most intensive researchers of deconstruction of sounds, rhythm and pulse in the context of contemporary classical music, experimental music, improvisation and sound art. In his music and sound installations, the deconstruction of the relations between musical instrument, object, body, action, surface, collision, contact, mechanics, breath and vibration resounds. His Drummophone is a cross between a membranophone and an aerophone, where breath replaces the impact, the mechanics of replace the hit of a stalk of air, where playing spills over into listening, and the relationship between drum and body melts into the resonance of space.

You can hear La Foresta’s amazing Drummophone set on Friday, 1st of October in Klub CD.

Riccardo is presented by SHAPE Platform, co-financed by Creative Europe.