Passepartout Duo is formed by pianist Nicoletta Favari and percussionist Christopher Salvito. Drawing from a carefully selected palette of electro-acoustic textures and shapeshifting rhythms, Passepartout Duo’s work investigates the way in which we listen to and connect with sound. Continually reassessing the tools they use to create their music, the group is continually developing a specialized and evolving ecosystem of handmade musical instruments that have ranged from analog electronic circuits and conventional percussion, to room-size textile installations and found objects.
From their from-scratch approach has materialized itself in a series of discographic releases: their most recent Circo Pobre (2022) and Daylighting (2021) are both LPs exploring different ways of approaching sound synthesis and electronic musical interfaces, respectively realized through electromagnetism and textile fibers. Their 2020 LP, Vis-à-Vis, features compositions written for a portable wood and metal instrumentation that accompanied the duo during a month-long train journey across Central Asia.

Passepartout Duo is part of SHAPE+ Platform, supported by Creative Europe.