Tetameta is a project by Patricia Arh. Through it emerges an extremely intimate, emotional personal space, stretched through a veil of memory, nostalgia, sensual atmospherics and quietly sounding melancholy. Sandwiched between synthpop's past and its modern reminiscence of synthwave and dream pop, it is permeated by translucent, airy electronics, in which the textures of multi-layered synthesiser chants sound, spaced out across the sonic canvas. This is often painted by the visuals of Neža Knez, underpinned by the creations of stylist Anže Mrak, the sound design of Petr Dimnik and the rhythms of drummer Žan Šembrek. Enter the embrace of dreaminess, which hides shades of darker emotions.

You can hear the subdued melancholic sounds of TetaMeta on Wednesday, 29th of September in MAO.