Domen Gnezda is one of the most versatile guitarists in the country, working at the crossroads of jazz, blues, experimental and electroacoustic music, improvisation and contemporary classical. He stretches his string sounds into intense interstices between dissonance and cosonance, between electric guitar sound and synthetic modulation, stretching, shredding, lengthening, overlapping, layering, fragmenting, texturalising, and introducing them into bouncing glitches. Nest's music thus straddles the line between physicality, corporeality of sound, and transcending it, while sounding like a superb and singular hybrid between electronic music, IDM, song form, and openness with quiet reminiscences of jazz and blues.

You can hear Domen performing his gitchy mixture of guitar and electronic sounds on Thursday, 30th of September in Kino Šiška.