Gabriele Steffe is a young artist, a representative of the younger generation of artists and collectives that are intensively redefining the Ljubljana underground club scene. He is mainly involved in club music and curating. He is the founder of the creative collective Nimaš izbire (You Have No Choice) and the club nights Krom and Štrom. As a DJ, his sets eclectically mix various derivatives of trap, cloud rap, ambient music, hyperpop, online audiovisual culture and post-internet rave. He is currently at home with deconstructed club electronica, cloud rap derivatives, sarcastic pop and post-internet rave. With dreamy, percussive, danceable, sarcastic, poppy, swollen hyperaesthetics he will make you dance between physical and virtual space.

You can dance to GABI98’s exploratory DJ set on Wednesday, 29th of September in MAO.