Gil Delindro is a Sound & Media artist with international recognition for its environmental site-specific research, namely on worldwide challenging landscapes, isolated communities, and extreme geological and weather patterns. Some of these include the Sahara Desert (TWOM, 2015), Rainforests of Brazil (Resiliência, 2017), Siberia, Russia (Permafrost, 2018), Vietnam ethnic villages (Blind Signal, 2019), the Rhone Glacier (La Becque, 2019), and the Aurvergne Volcanoes (ArtistesenResidence, 2021). Delindro’s pieces directly translate ephemeral stages in organic matter such as soil, water, wood, and geological debris into expanded sonic spatial works.  These Sculptures actively use the unpredictable effects of time, weather, erosion, and outdoor atmospheric conditions, opposing them to acoustic-manufactured tools.  Installations that have their own autonomy, living from the constant clash between “man-made” and “biological structures”. His work has been exhibited in Europe, North and South America and Asia. He is co-founder of the interdisciplinary association "Rural Vivo", which works on ecological, educational and cultural activities in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Gerês in the north of Portugal.