Lucia Udvardyova is a music journalist, curator and teacher who is active in many cultural fields. Since 2014, she has been the chief journalist and editor of the website of the international festival platform SHAPE+, a platform for experimental, contemporary music and art across Europe. She is also the promotions editor and journalist of the new media and contemporary art magazine 3/4 Revue. She lectures across Europe on new media, culture, sound art, field recording practices, etc..., including on the development of contemporary experimental music and new practices. She is a regular lecturer at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. She gave a lecture on 'Production, Reproduction and Preservation of pre-1989 Eastern European Music' at the famous Sorbonne in Paris. Since 2010 she has been curating Easterndaze, a series of events, radio broadcasts, discography releases and music documentaries, connecting Eastern European artists with Berlin-based artists, labels and concert venues. Since 2017 she has been a researcher at UMCSEET - Unearthing The Music Creative Sound and Experimentation Under European Totalitarianism. Last year she co-curated the sound art programme at the Listening Biennale Berlin at the reference gallery for sound art Errant Bodies.