Lorenzo Senni was never a raver. Growing up in Rimini, the young artist was fascinated by dance culture as he witnessed close friends interact with a neon-hued chemical world that remained at odds with his own. xpressive charm.  In 2012, he released the album Quantum Jelly. Using the aesthetic language of dance music, he allowed his curiosity as an outside observer to influence his experimentation, which he described as "pointillist trance». On 2016's Persona, Senni fleshed out the gooey trance of his earlier records in widescreen, adding unforgettable pop motifs that could have been snatched from an anime show or video game. "Scacco Matto" continues this theme; it's an album of songs, not ideas. And while the sound is still based around the Roland JP-8000, the influence of trance is now in the DNA, rather than simply on the surface. It's tongue in cheek, an album that thrives on humor in an increasingly bleak dance landscape that prioritizes greyscale techno and self-consciously dark iconography. Melodies and motifs from trance, rave, pop and even classical appear digitised, reduced to binary snapshots and arranged like a Ben Day dot process.. Senni releases his albums on the legendary UK label Warp, Editions Mego, Kesh, Boomkat editions and his own label Presto?!, and is one of the most exciting artists on the current electronic music scene.
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