One of the fathers of the local electronic scene returns with a premiere of his new music! Octex, with his unique sound synthesis, marked international currents in the field of dub techno, which he later deconstructed and deepened through experimentation, modular synthesis, broken rhythms, field recordings and atmosphere building. On his comeback album Mindrifft (Polynya music, 2021), he goes a step further, taking us into a subtle play of frequencies and repetitions into the hypnotic fringe of sound perception, into pulsations and rhythmic shifts, into the loop of repetition and difference that forms in our auditory channels beyond the basic sonic matter. But these are not sonic eavesdropping. With them, alongside the sonically electrified bodies, Octex also takes us into the dance in our minds.

You can hear the premiere of new music from legendary Octex on Wednesday, 29th of September in MAO.