Tuomas A. Laitinen is an artist who works with video, sound, glass, chemical and microbial processes, and algorithms to explore the entanglements of multispecies coexistence. Laitinen composes situations and installations that inquire into the porous interconnectedness of language, body, and matter within morphing ecosystems. In recent years, Laitinen has been working with questions of ecology, mythology, and processes of symbiotic knowledge production. Since 2016, he has been researching cognition and consciousness in non-human organisms, especially octopuses. The video Haemocyanin (2019) follows an octopus as it plays with, investigates, and squeezes through one of Laitinen’s glass vessels. The video’s name derives from the types of proteins, which contain copper atoms that transport oxygen through the bodies of cephalopods, imbuing their blood with a bluish tinge.

You can see Tuomas’s artwork ‘Haemocianin’ on Monday, 27th of September in MSUM until the end of SONICA.