SONICA Festival is an annual music festival that covers diverse trends in contemporary music and sonic arts.

SONICA is the Ljubljana festival with the longest tradition in the field of exploratory electronic music and sound art, merging these forms with visual and intermedia art and placing them in different contexts.

SONICA is a platform based on close collaborations with artists operating at the crossroads of visual art, media, sound art and research. Consisting of production and research residencies, exhibitions, performances and public interventions, it puts great emphasis on public presentations and talks. In this sense, it is located internationally, but with a clear focus on its regional position, leaning towards the east.

Apart from the annual edition in Ljubljana, SONICA has organised editions in several cities, such as London, Wroclaw, Trieste, Venice, Wien, Berlin, Zagreb and Belgrade.

Since 2009 SONICA has presented artists including William Basinski, Marina Rosenfeld, Tim Hecker, Aisha Devi, Clark, Actress, Patten, Alessandro Cortini, Shackleton, Innode, Rashad Becker, Emptyset, Herman Kolgen, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Plaid, Byetone, Lee Gamble, Giant Swan, Jenna Sutela, Ziúr, Flanger, Atom™, Fennesz, Zimoun, SND, Nik Nowak, Tomoko Sauvage, Lucy Railton, Jan Jelinek, and many others.


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Obviously. We are working toward safe environments to experience music and art. Please keep in mind that this means smaller venue capacities, especially for indoor events. Please pay attention to the instructions upon entering the venue. Don’t forget to physically distance, use masks, and stay home if sick.


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Festival Director ︎︎︎ Martin Bricelj Baraga
Sonica programme curators ︎︎︎ Luka T. Zagoričnik, Martin Bricelj Baraga, Jaša Bužinel
Conference programme ︎︎︎ Luka T. Zagoričnik
Design & Visual Identity ︎︎︎ Primož Zorko
Texts, production assistants ︎︎︎ Luka T. Zagoričnik, Jaša Bužinel, Neja Tomšič
Proof reading ︎︎︎ Digitpen / Alexei Monroe
Website: Primož Zorko
Technical team ︎︎︎ Luka Bernetič, Martin Lovšin
Public relations ︎︎︎ Jaša Bužinel
Social Networks ︎︎︎ Gala Alica Ostan Ožbolt, Luka T. Zagoričnik
Photographer ︎︎︎ Katja Goljat
Video ︎︎︎ Domen Dimovski, Nikolina Mudronja
Production ︎︎︎ SONICA & MoTA - Museum of Transitory Art