I bought a festival ticket. Where can I exchange it for a wristband?
You can get a festival wristband at the info point at Cukrarna (Thursday), Kino Šiška (Friday) and Klub CD (Saturday).

Will there be tickets at the door?

Festival tickets and tickets for the event at Kino Šiška are sold out. ︎︎︎Tickets for the events at Cukrarna, Channel Zero and Klub CD are still available and they will also be available at the door.

Which are the main festival venues?

On Thursday, the festival takes place at Cukrarna (Poljanski nasip 40, 1000 Ljubljana), Friday at MoTA Lab (Celovška cesta 42b, 1000 Ljubljana), Kino Šiška (Trg prekomorskih brigad 3, 1000 Ljubljana) and Channel Zero (Metelkova ulica 4, 1000 Ljubljana), and on Saturday at Klub CD (Prešernova cesta 10, 1000 Ljubljana).

How do I get around Ljubljana?

You can use ︎︎︎LPP public transport to travel around the city. There are also several taxi options.

Are there only concerts at SONICA 2024?

No, this year’s programme also includes a ︎︎︎club night at Channel Zero, a ︎︎︎talk with Nicola Ratti: Performing Sound In Space at MoTA Lab, and three ︎︎︎exhibitions: Cascade, an AV installation by Marc Vilanova at MSUM, ‘in habitus with’, a sound installation by KMRU at MoTA LAB, and Fohramoos, an interactive exhibition by Stefan Kainbacher, Robert Lang and their students at MoTA LAB.

Where can I access the full festival programme?

You can find it ︎︎︎here.

Is there a SONICA 2024 playlist?
Yes! You can explore the artists playing at SONICA 2024 ︎︎︎here.

Do you recommend any food options?

Sure! Here are some of our favourite options: Moji štrukji, Abi Falafel, Priličje, Mandala, Radha Govinda, Pizzeria Parma and Sarajevo ‘84.

If you have any other question, you can reach out at sonica@motamuseum.com.