SHAPE+ Platform Open Call For Ukrainian Interns

The SHAPE+ platform for innovative music and audiovisual art, co-funded by the European Union, announces an open call specifically for interns from Ukraine, who will be invited to spend two months with participating festivals of the project, and help in their preparation.

21 June 2024

Each of the 15 festivals that are currently part of the platform will welcome interns and involve them in the preparation process of their event. The internship period is 2 months, with up to 40 hours of work per week. Travel, accommodation and living costs will be provided.

The main requirements are a keen interest in adventurous music and art, previous experience in the cultural field, excellent English, Ukranian citizenship and a biometric passport.

All internships resulting from this open call will take place mid-2024 to early 2025.

There will be a second open call for internships for the period of March - July 2025. It will be announced separately. You can apply here.

WED, 12 June 
SONICA x SHAPE+ Workshop with Morita Vargas

@ MoTA Lab

SONICA Festival and the SHAPE+ platform present a sound workshop by Argentinian musician, singer and producer Morita Vargas. The workshop is aimed at anyone involved in the production of electronic and experimental music and anyone using digital software tools such as Ableton Live.

This introductory workshop is a talk about ideas and techniques for constructing musical languages. With the aim of putting sounds in dialogue, we are going to talk about how to put our ideas into practice by generating creative identity processes. We will explore the use of the initial tools of the digital production program Ableton Live, for the creation and manipulation of sound; exploring the world of experimental composition. Always promoting a performative instance and active listening, the idea is to share my research and creation process until reaching the work.

Register for the workshop at

The workshop is free of charge. The deadline for registration is 11. 6. 2024. There is no limit to the number of participants.

Morita Vargas is part of SHAPE+ Platform, co-funded by the European Union.

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SAT, 15 June

@ Kino Šiška

SONICA Festival is happy to announce the return of the SONICA concert series in collaboration with the London non-profit creative organisation IKLECTIK and Kino Šiška.

We're kicking things off with a performance by the visionary Peruvian turntablist, sound artist and DJ Maria Chavez, the first appearance of one of the most outstanding artists in the field of contemporary experimental turntablism. At the same time, we present the premiere of the second SONICA residency of the year, featuring local ambient duo Lip Rouge and Argentinian producer and vocalist Morita Vargas in a hybrid sonic fantasy of ambient music and dreamy pop.

This year IKLECTIK, in celebration of its 10th anniversary landmark, proudly co-curates SONICA x IKLECTIK at Kino Šiška, showcasing an exceptional lineup that embodies both organisations' commitment to artistic exploration and pioneering creativity.

Over the past decade, IKLECTIK has been at the vanguard of supporting innovative artistic ventures, conducting independent research, and partnering with both local and international institutions and universities. From performances and festivals to panel discussions, readings, workshops, and film screenings, IKLECTIK's diverse programme has continuously pushed boundaries and enriched the cultural landscape.

IKLECTIK's collaboration with SONICA marks an exciting chapter in its journey to champion innovative artistry and foster creative exchange. Join us as we celebrate a decade of groundbreaking work and embark on a new era of sonic adventures.

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THU, 23 May
and SHAPE+ Platform present
Iztok Koren live in concert!

@ Krak

Iztok Koren is a Slovenian multiinstrumentalist, SHAPE+ 2023 artists and member of the critically acclaimed imaginary folk trio Širom. Koren will present his recently released new solo album Spaces, which represents a spatial exploration of timbres, harmonies, noises and drones on a wide pallete of instruments.

Iztok Koren is a multi-instrumentalist whose art is flavored with the sweet taste of melancholy and thoughtfulness. His artistic expression follows the path of intimate immersion into the world of ravishing rhythms, meditative repetition and their deconstruction through the patterns of inventive music. The variety of instruments he uses (banjo, sintir, balafon, kalimba, guitar, steel drum, percussion, electronics) create a unique world of musical experience that encompasses elements of ethnic music, jazz and sound experiments. Koren’s approach, although intuitive, is extremely responsible in an ethical sense given that he understands music as a serious portrayal of reality rather than as entertainment. In the creative process, Koren chooses a free and open approach, devoid of the superfluous burden of contemporary society's spectacles, thereby directing the listener to the essence. Iztok Koren’s primary profession is social worker. He began his musical journey playing in bands on the trail of post-rock, post-industrial noise-core and minimalist music during the Covid 19 Pandemic. His new album Emptiness (Torto Editions) comes from a personal framework of oversaturation, personal dilemmas and internal conflicts while searching for their resolution. Here the artist understands the concept of emptiness as a prerequisite for spiritual maturity, and emptiness begins with negation. All songs on the album were performed without dubbing and using various instruments such as banjo, guembri, electric guitar, modular synthesizer, effects pedals, microphones, percussion, steel drum and balafon. Iztok Koren is an artist of the international music platform SHAPE+.

Izok Koren is an artist of the SHAPE+ platform for innovative music and interdisciplinary art, co-funded by the European Union. 

The performance of Iztok Koren at KRAK Center is organized with the support of the SHAPE+, Robert Bosch Foundation, SONICA Festival and MoTA (Museum of Transitory Art) from Ljubljana.

Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Neither the European Union nor EACEA can be held responsible for them.

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SONICA merch 2024

We present the SONICA merch 2024!

Glocalisation T-shirt € 20,00
Glocalisation Long Sleeve € 35,00
Glocalisation Tote Bag € 10,00

All merch will be available during the festival at Cukrarna, Kino Šiška, MoTA Lab and Klub CD. We also accept pre-orders. Drop an email with the subject 'SONICA merch 2024' at Please state type (t-shirt, long sleeve, tote bag) and prefered size.

Join us for the SONICA Talk
at MoTA on Friday!
FRI, 19 APRIL, 17.00

Sound artist, sound engineer and professor Nicola Ratti will talk about ''performing sound in space” in various contexts, from studio environments, performances in various places, recording sounds, sound and multimedia installations to various other contexts in contemporary theatre, performance and dance. Through various examples, also from his work as director for sound for the groundbreaking contemporary theatre director Romeo Castellucci, he will present the differences between performing arts and live music contexts. A must for musicians working with sound and sound technicians/engineers working in the context of performing arts!

Nicola Ratti is part of the SHAPE+ platform co-funded by Creative Europe


Bi sodelovali pri produkciji in realizaciji 16. edicije festivala elektronske glasbe in tranzitornih umetnosti SONICA 2024?

Iščemo prostovoljke in prostovoljce, ki bi nam pomagali pri ulični promociji, prodaji mercha in drugih pripravah v času festivala. V zameno za pomoč prejmete festivalsko vstopnico, festivalski merch in bone za kosilo.

Prijavite se lahko na naslovu s pripisom ‘SONICA 2024: RAZPIS ZA PROSOTOVLJCE’. Prijave zbiramo do četrtka, 11. aprila. Starostna omejitev: 18+

Prvi sestanek bomo imeli že naslednji dan, v petek, 12. aprila ob 16. uri.

SONICA 2024 Pre-event I Marc Vilanova: CASCADE (A/V installation)

Join us at the SONICA 2024 pre-event, the exhibition opening of sound and visual artist Marc Vilanova’s A/V installation CASCADE at Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova | +MSUM on Friday, 29 March, at 20.00.

The work was partially realized within the framework of the EMAP program at gnration, with support from the Creative Europe Culture Programme and the Avatar Center in Quebec City.

SHAPE+ Open Call 2024/2025

SHAPE+ platform for innovative music and audiovisual art, co-funded by the European Union, announces a new open call for artist submissions for its next working period: July 15, 2024 – July 14, 2025

SHAPE+ aims to boost the careers of European artists through collaborative residencies, commissioned artworks and performances. SHAPE+ artists will be invited to festivals and venues in Europe and beyond, as well as networking and career development events. Combining an open call and a curatorial selection, the participating festivals and venues select a roster of artists to support each year.

The artists chosen for SHAPE+ should be committed to greener forms of travel when such choice is possible, and are expected to participate in collaborative residencies and one-off performances and presentations as well as publicity activities, educational events and artist meet-ups.

Artists can see more detailed eligibility criteria ︎︎︎in the application form.

Deadline: March 31, 2024 23:59 CET

Apply ︎︎︎here.

During its third year, the platform will welcome two new member organizations, expanding its list of ︎︎︎member festivals and venues to 17. Via the support of the Pro Helvetia foundation, the Swiss festival Full of Lava is poised to join the platform as well. Thus, artists from Switzerland are also eligible for the third year of SHAPE+.

SHAPE+ is a three-year initiative co-funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Neither the European Union nor EACEA can be held responsible for them.

Open Call: SONICA Scholarship For Sound Workshop with Nicolás Jaar
15–18 April 2024
Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, Slovenia

SONICA offers a scholarship to attend the 4-day sound workshop with renowned artist and producer Nicolás Jaar at SONICA 2024: Glocalisation.

The scholarship is a unique opportunity for aspiring sound enthusiasts, musicians and producers to delve into the world of cutting-edge sound design and composition under the guidance of the Grammy-nominated artist.

Known for his innovative approach to music production, Jaar will lead an intensive workshop exploring various facets of sound. The software used will be Ableton Live and the classes will be molded to the students' interests. The aim of the workshop is to provide fresh insights and share knowledge with talents from the CEE, Eastern European and Balkan Region.

Apply if you want to learn more about sound and expand your knowledge of music production with one of the most renowed electronic and experimental music producers of the last 15 years.

Eligibility criteria:

- Women, non-binary and transgender people

- Age limit is 35

- Prior knowledge of Ableton Live required

- The workshop is open to participants from the following countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The SONICA Scholarship includes:
- access to the 4-day sound workshop with Nicolás Jaar
- full festival ticket
- travel & accommodation

Duration: 15─18 April 2024 (Mon-Thu)
Time: 9.00-15.00 (except on Mon)
Place: Komuna Hall (Kino Šiška)*
Language: English
Application deadline: 18 March 2024
*On Monday, there will be an introductory lecture at MoTA LAB.

Your application should include your CV and a motivational letter. Based on the application, the SONICA team will pick one candidate.

You can apply at with the subject ‘SONICA SCHOLARSHIP 2024’.

Sound Workshop
with Nicolás Jaar @ SONICA 2024
15–18 April 2024
Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, Slovenia


SONICA 2024: Glocalisation brings the Slovenian debut of Nicolás Jaar!

SONICA Festival returns from 18-20 April 2024, bringing a diverse selection of artists who have made a significant impact on the field of electronic and experimental music in recent years.

We are extremely excited to announce the Slovenian debut of Nicolás Jaar, one of the biggest names in electronic music of the 21st century! At SONICA 2024, he will host a 3-day sound workshop (more info soon), and present his new

improvised performance for processed bass clarinet and electronics under the name Jaar.

Jaar is known for his multifaceted and multidisciplinary artistic output. Apart from releasing albums such as Space Is Only Noise (2011), Sirens (2016) and Cenizas (2020), and running the house project Against All Logic and the band Darkside, he is also in charge of the influential Other People label. In recent years, he has mainly focused on various art projects and education, teaching sound-editing and listening workshops to emerging musicians and non-musicians alike.

As part of the first wave of artists, we’re also announcing the Slovenian debut of the critically acclaimed Vietnamese collective Rắn Cạp Đuôi and the premiere of Slovenian multiinstrumentalist Iztok Koren’s new album.

The full lineup will be revealed in early March. Get your early bird festival or daily ticket ︎︎︎here!

SONICA 2024: Glocalisation
18 ─ 20 April 2024
Ljubljana, Slovenia